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What Wheels are Right for your Jeep

Discussion in '4x4 Discussion' started by Evan, Nov 9, 2016.

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    When you add larger tires to your Jeep, they usually require backspacing to ensure the tire does not rub against the frame or lower control arms. While you can use wheel spacers in some applications, we recommend aftermarket wheels with the correct backspacing/offset. So what are some important things to know when buying aftermarket wheels?

    Backspacing, Offset, Height, Width. As mentioned above, you need to make sure the wheel and tire combination won’t rub the control arms or frame of the Jeep. For example, on our AEV builds, we usually fit AEV wheels (with 5.2” backspacing and +10mm offset) to either 35 or 37” tires; width on these tires is usually around 12.50”. The size of the AEV wheels is usually around a 17x8.5”. This means that the wheel is 17” tall and 8.5” wide. While you certainly can equip your Jeep with 20x10” wheels, with an accompanying 35 or 37” tire (and the correct backspacing, of course), if you’re going off-road, we wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a reason the AEV wheels are only 8.5” wide. A narrow wheel will hold the bead of the tire better when aired down than a wide wheel. This can mean the difference between successfully navigating an obstacle or losing a tire on the trail!

    Beadlocks: If you want to air down really low, we recommend a beadlock. While the 8-9” wide wheels are great for the moderate off-road vehicle, for a more severe build, a beadlock is the only choice. A beadlock will continue to hold a bead at a lower air pressure long after a tire would have unseated on a traditional wheel. If you’re taking your Jeep off-road and find that you need lower air pressure to get up and over the obstacles you encounter, a beadlock is probably for you.

    Style: There are a variety of styles that we carry on our online store, so if you’re looking for trail ready wheels or something with a little more street influence, we’ve got you covered. Choose from AEV, KMC, Fuel, and more!

    What wheels and tires are you running on your Jeep? If you have any questions on what wheels would work for your ‘rig, don’t hesitate to post or give us a call at (888)357-2999!

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