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What is a 7.3L Stroker? When and why would you recommend it?

Discussion in '4x4 Discussion' started by Pam, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Jun 23, 2016
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    A 7.3L Stroker is a 6.4L HEMI that’s been stripped down, stroked, bored, and completely upgraded by Arrington Performance. If you’re considering a 7.3L for your Jeep, look no further than our recent Project: VANDAL build. The 7.3L HEMI Stroker 448ci in VANDAL rates around 702HP. It's geared at 5.38 and turns the 40” tires with no problem.

    The 7.3L Stroker is a good choice for you if your build is on 40’s and a regular 6.4L isn’t enough power. Or if you want to turn your JK on 35’s or 37’s into a speed demon (both around town or off-road in the sand) the 7.3L is for you. This engine is an absolute beast and is the largest engine we’ve installed in the Wrangler JK.

    If you’ve been keeping up with the current MOPAR concepts that made an appearance at Moab and Jeep Beach 2016, you may have seen the Wrangler Hellcat. This official concept turned many heads, and consumers were impressed with the large 707HP V8. The Hellcat Concept (ultimate “go-fast” Wrangler) featured a stripped down look, no top, and tube doors, along with a lime-green and black paint scheme.

    Compare this to VANDAL, featuring 5 HP less, making a debut almost a full six months before the official Chrysler/MOPAR concept. If you want to build your own rival to the popular Wrangler Hellcat concept, the 7.3L is the way to go. Want more HP? No problem. Did we mention that the 7.3L makes 702HP without a turbo or supercharger? If you want even more power for your Wrangler on top of the 7.3L, the turbo or supercharger is always a viable option.

    If the measly 3.6L V6 isn’t big enough for your build on 37’s and you’re contemplating a V8 HEMI swap, the 7.3L is a strong choice. Or if you just want more bang for your buck, this engine will provide you with the power you want, when you need it. No matter if you’re in the passing lane on the freeway or a sandy circuit track, the 7.3L is for you!

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