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To Use or Not to Use: Wheel Spacers

Discussion in '4x4 Discussion' started by Evan, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Aug 4, 2016
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    There are many arguments online regarding wheel spacers. To put the answer up front, it is our opinion that spacers are OK as long as they’re installed correctly. Now, onto the details.

    First up, if you don’t have it in your budget for new wheels with the correct offset for your tires, wheel spacers are great! We recommend Alloy and Spidertrax as far as brands go. Once you install your spacers, you need to make sure they’re torqued correctly with lock-tight. The manufacturer should have a torque spec listed in the instructions, so you need to have a torque wrench on hand for the install. When you change or rotate your tires, we advise that you check to make sure the spacers are still torqued to spec.

    If incorrectly installed and not torqued properly, spacers can cause damage to your ‘rig or personal harm to you and your passengers in the event of an accident or rollover. As far as size, we don’t recommend anything over 1.5” for wheel spacers. Anything extra will place undue stress and cause premature wear on things like bearings and ball joints, for example.

    Now, if you have it in your budget, we recommend aftermarket wheels instead of spacers. This is because the possibility of damage/failure, and the risk incurred by spacers, however slight, is still above that of the proper wheel and tire combo. Do you run spacers or aftermarket wheels on your Jeep, and what are your thoughts? Let us know if you’re looking into spacers for your ‘rig, leave us a comment or give us a call, we’re glad to help!

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