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Switch Panel Power System - Switch-Pros

Discussion in '4x4 Product Reviews' started by Evan, Oct 11, 2016.

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    Aug 4, 2016
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    One of the first upgrades that a new Jeep owner considers is a lift kit and tires. This gives the vehicle an off-road or monster truck look, which is great, as it means you can now climb up and over obstacles that your stock Jeep would never have been able to attempt. Grabars, lights and custom tops are also popular upgrades for a more custom look. But, one aftermarket accessory upgrade that is often overlooked is the Switch Panel/Power System.

    In this example, we're looking at the Switch-Pros version. If you want to add off-road or auxiliary lights to your Jeep, this product will make your life much easier! The Switch-Pros 8-Switch Panel Power System gives you 8 user-programmable switches on an easy-to-mount panel. The power module features 8 outputs, 7 rated at 18 amps and one at 30 amps. This means that all you need to do is install the Switch-Pros system, and all your lighting is essentially plug and play. No more bundles of ad hoc wiring or zip-tied relays and fuses to clutter your engine compartment.

    With this Switch-Pros product, everything is run through the power module and controlled by the switch panel. It also features automatic shutdown for over current and/or low voltage, so you don’t have to worry about lights accidentally draining your battery.

    For those looking at additional connectivity options, this product features Bluetooth, so you can pair your phone with the power/switch module, controlling lights and accessories even when you’re away from the vehicle. The switches themselves can be programmed for auto on/off, flash, strobe, ignition or battery power and more. The Switch-Pros 8-Panel Power System is a smart choice for easy installation and a professional OEM look.

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